Docs In Progress: DocuMingles Networking

Monday, July 11 2011, 6:30pm – 9:00pm

As an antidote to the documentary filmmaker working in isolation, DocuMingles brings together filmmakers to foster support networks, mentoring relationships, and perhaps even collaborations. It’s a documentary filmmaker brainstorming, networking, and support group all wrapped up in one. This program is open to Docs Insiders, Docs in Progress Alumni screening and program and other area documentary filmmakers. This is an opportunity to meet and mingle with others in the documentary community, share the progress of your film, and tell the latest tales of the journey to getting a documentary completed.

How is this different from other Docs In Progress programs?

Docs In Progress programs for emerging and established filmmakers have focused mostly on very public screenings such as the Work-in-Progress Screenings, formalized feedback sessions such as Peer Pitch, and informal networking opportunities such as the Alumni Happy Hours and Open Houses. These programs are all been led by staff efforts. DocuMingles is is entirely alumni-initiated and enhances these programs to include focused but broader opportunities for networking and sharing. At the DocuMingles Meet-Ups, Docs In Progress Vice President Simone Fary and alum Rouane Itani will facilitate a discussion group where each participant will have a chance to share their latest successes, challenges, or tips in documentary filmmaking.

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